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I have done nothing but help people all my life, what do I get for that?. Absolutetly nothing, infact I get much taken away from me.

I have decided that im never gonna bother to trust anyone ever again. Its a waste of time. I dont need to trust, only brings me pain anyway cause people cant be trusted at all. I have however figured a way out. So I dont have to sink to other peoples pathetic level, yet maintain who I am as a person and at the same time not get hurt anymore.

Instead of always me being the one to give and to never receive what I give back. I will give back to people who give me instead. Cause they would never be dissapointed at least. Im so tired of people always betraying my trust, dissapoint me or let me down, give me a cold shoulder or just leave me to rot and die whenever I need someone or whenever I stop being convienient. Im lucky if there is one day or even hour where I am the center of attention on a yearly base. So instead of me opening up and allowing people to give me a cold shoulder, ignore me, hurt me, betray me etc. I will just simply give back what is given to me cause that way, I would never get hurt and nobody els would either. And from this day, Im gonna demand the world itself to give back what I have given to the world. Now its your turn world.

The only people I have ever trusted I have all been in a relationship with, cause I think its needed. I always thought that my own messed up nature shouldent effect my partner in any sence, so I have to put aside that part of me for them, cause well again. I never been any selfish. Now tho im quite certain that people will always remain clueless and would never be able to tell if I trust them or not. Its not required. And people will never see me for who I am anyway. So might as well just let them think whatever they like instead. They will never be unhappy with it, and neither would I.

 But yeah, Im gonna demand help, Im gonna get help. You are the one who will give me everything I want now world.

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